Thursday, October 28, 2010

Road Trip

Tomorrow, hubby took the day off and we are headed north for a day trip. Where you ask? Salem, Massachusetts. A little New England seaside town known as America's "bewitching seaport."

You may remember from history class back in the day. Salem is best known for the witch trials of 1692. A lot of the tourism today centers around this history. There are witch museums, ghost tours, haunted houses, you name it.

We have been to Salem once before, a few summers ago, but I suspect the atmosphere will be a bit different there on Halloween weekend.

We're planning to have dinner at a jail-turned-restaurant, the Great Escape.

And taking a walking ghost tour around the town and exploring the rest of the "haunted happenings" Salem has to offer. Should be a great time!

Pictures to follow, I'm sure. Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Ruby said...

Aww. I REALLY wanted to make it to Salem this season!!! I'm so sad we didn't. I had friends that have been and said it is absolutely spooktacular. ;)

Laken said...

That sounds perfect for this weekend!
I've always wanted to go to Salem.. have a great time!