Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Yay for some sunshine today, and for the entire weekend forecast! I love that we have no plans, sometimes those weekends turn out to be the best.
  • J and I decided to have a Halloween party and I'm so looking forward to it! We haven't really had any parties or big get-togethers since moving to RI so I think it will be nice. We both love to entertain, but our schedules rarely coordinate enough that we are able to. We are renting out the "common area" of our building which is a loft with tv, a pool table, and foosball. My mission for the weekend: figure out our costumes!! buy some decor, and party plan. Ideas are welcome!
  • I really need some new boots. I love these, and if the weren't over $300 dollars, I would buy them! I need a more affordable option.
  •  I am about to start up the 30 Day Shred again. I did this workout before our wedding and it really worked. Granted I was also running and going to the gym, but this is a start. My post-wedding workout hiatus laziness ends today. Jillian Michaels, bring it!

  • Hubs surprised me with tickets to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular that is coming to Providence. I have never seen the show before and I can't wait! Love him.
  • This got me thinking about the holidays. Am I really filling out my work schedule requests for November and December? Is Christmas really only a little over 2 months away? I started working on Christmas lists and would like to start my shopping SOON!
  • This also prompted me to begin looking for Christmas cards. Have you seen the options on Minted? There are so many great ones. I think I convinced J that we need a "family" portrait. Yes, I'm talking about Me, J, and Lilly...our family. I will be that girl. These are a few of my favorites:



    Jenni said...

    This made me laugh because I have been scheming up our "family" Christmas card for quite some time now. I will be that girl too!! :)

    Natalie said...

    This is my firs married Christmas, and I kinda want to do cards too! Those ones you picked are adorable! Also, love those boots. I found some brown Steve Madden boots similar to those at T.J. Maxx, maybe you could scope it out?

    Faith said...

    i agree, that the weekends that you have no plans tend to be the best weekends! :)

    i fell in love with boots not too long ago and i had to give them up because of the price. boo.

    i've been trying to get back to my wedding weight for 11 months. i need to stop stuffing my piehole with crap! :)