Monday, November 22, 2010

Oprah's Favorite Things

Did you miss it? This year, for her grand finale, the lovely Miss Oprah had not one, but TWO favorite things episodes! And they did not disappoint. I know people usually have some pretty strong opinions about or hate. But personally, I think she is pretty awesome. I mean the woman has a great rags to riches life story. She may be a billionaire, but I feel like she does give back, a lot!
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Case in point, her favorite things shows. She literally gave away thousands and thousands of dollars worth of her favorite things to multiple audiences. How AMAZING would it be to be lucky enough to be in one of those audiences? Seriously, I couldn't imagine. People were pretty much having heart attacks with excitement right there.

Some of my most favorites:
Tory Burch flannel flats & tote; a week-long all expense paid CRUISE; a brand spanking new 2010 VW bug; $500 to Nordstrom lingerie for you & a friend.

Diamond earrings; Chicago's famous Gardetto popcorn; a custom Le Creuset set!; IPAD

Are you an Oprah fan?


Joanna said...

Love her!!! I just watched it!!! I would have loved being in that audience!

Leah said...


CMae said...

I love Oprah. I think her last season has by far been her best. I'm sad she's leaving. As far as I'm concerned she never had to "leave" her daytime television slot bec she will always been the queen!

Tucker said...

you're kidding me. holy mackerall. i didn't know a CAR was involved. whoa oprah! she outdid herself.

love jenny xoxo said...

I caught part of this on Oprah and they were freaking out! I would be too, these gifts are AMAZING!

I love the blog!


cailen ascher said...

i'm definitely an oprah fan and her "favorite things" shows are always my favorite. the items she picks are always so amazing and i love to see the audience's reaction : )

ps. i'm your newest follower. your blog is great!

Lindsay said...

love those diamond earrings!!! :)

Ahn said...

i feel like i would like o more if she personally dropped these things off at my apartment...but yeah, she seems to be good at giving.

Natalie said...

um, those people are so lucky! would love to have that cruise!

Staci Edwards said...

I love Oprah, and many of her favorite things!
From this selection I wand the TB flannel flats - too cute!