Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday's Random Thoughts

  • It is way, way too cold here. I forgot how much winter and I do not get along. The static hair, dry skin, runny nose. I'm not a huge fan.
  • Thank goodness for these things in my life. Without them, I would not be the same.
restoration hardware throw. lollia handcreme. UGG boots
  • While I'm on the subject of the cold, I'm already scared to see our first heating bill in the new house. We are spoiled right now that our heat is included in our rent. Oil heat in an older home...I think we're in for a rude awakening. I hope we don't end up like this!

  • We tried to shop for some furniture this week. Normally, I would think this would be fun, however, I really can't stand the sales people that follow you around like stalkers. I know it's their job but seriously, just let me be. I need time to look and space to breathe. {We still have not made any purchases!}
  • On to some more happier thoughts, I get to see my family this weekend! We are headed to the lovely state of New Jersey to celebrate Christmas with my mom's family! Yay for Christmas festivities, yummy food, and family. I haven't seen them since August and that is far too long.
  • Christmas is only NINE days away. Seriously cannot believe it. J's stocking is stuffed and Lilly's is too!
{not our actual stockings}
  • I LOVE my husband for handling the transferring of the utilities to the new address. You rock, babe.
  • I realized today that I should have shared this on my O Christmas Tree post. My sister-in-law's tree, complete with my cute, curly haired little nephew underneath. I love it!
  •  I'll just let this photo speak for itself!
  •  It's almost the weekend and I have five glorious days off. Hallelujah!


    Mizdragonfly said...

    We're stuck at between 0F and 10F up here, I miss the sunny and hot days of summer :/

    But yay for Christmas being just around the corner!


    Brooke said...

    aww I love the last picture and her tree is awesome! I remember one year our tree got infested with bugs so we had to use our fake palm tree ..haha those were the days :)

    Jamie said...

    Ohhh I hate static hair!

    Your sister-in-laws tree is TOO cute!

    Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

    Love all the pictures. I know you said the stockings weren't yours, but they are amazing! And yay for having 5 days off, enjoy them!

    Ashley said...

    my hair looks like it has about 3,000 volts of static electricity running through it today - it's a real cute look. yay for vacation time and family! enjoy!

    vintch said...

    so happy to be introduced to your stunning, lovely blog! i, too, am scared to see our heating bill. i shiver just thinking about it! however, a warm, cozy home is priceless:) LOVE your pictures! happy to call myself a new follower:)

    Jillian said...

    it's freezing in chicago too! i couldnt survive without uggs and my trusty down coat. enjoy your family holiday time this weekend! xoxo jcd

    Anonymous said...

    furniture sales people are the worst! i've quite literally hid from them before.


    xo Alison

    Jenni said...

    I can't wait to see what your new house looks like... I'm a little obsessed with old houses in the northeast!! You are so lucky!!

    Have an awesome long weekend!!

    Joanna said...

    So exciting! have a great time with the fam in NJ :)

    Faith said...

    sooo lucky that you have 5 days off! but you deserve it so i promise not to be jealous!

    i am hoping for some new Uggs this Christmas! hehe.

    your SILs tree is so freaking cute! i love it!

    i can't believe Christmas is 9 days away! so crazy!!!

    and i agree 100% about sales people at furniture stores. it is so hard to be polite when you want to say, "get away from me, i'll ask for your help when i need it!"

    {av} said...

    ohmygoodness...the uggs are totally necessary today in RI. I feel your painnnnn. Yay for family--have so so much fun with them...there really is nothing better!

    and as for the heating bill? I say that comic depicts a pretty fun night ;)

    much love, {av}

    *Trisha* said...

    Love that I found your blog today (through Jillian). I'm with vintch, definitely a new follower!

    UGH boots... I've still never worn a pair, can you believe it?! I bet they are amazing though.

    5 days off, heck yes! That's one thing I love about being a nurse--clumping shifts together and getting stretches like that off with out having to take 'time off'... well, I'm not working as a nurse yet, but hopefully soon! And then I'll enjoy the days off (:


    Rachael said...

    Love that last pic! Cute little snowman!
    I can't believe it's 9 days till Christmas either! Haven't really felt in the Christmas spirit though. I kind of just feel it's a day where presents are exchanged. Hopefully that feeling will change as the day gets closer.

    Lindsay said...

    yay for 5 days off!!!! :)

    emily said...

    Aren't those throws from Restoration Hardware the best?

    Carlee and Jared Payton said...

    I love your blog! I just found your page and I look forward to reading more!

    d.a.r. said...

    Ooohhh those cozies look so good! I love that blankie from RH.

    Roxy Te said...

    I was so against uggs when they first came out because EVERYONE and their mother had them. Then I moved to NYC where I had to trudge to class in blizzards and knee high snow drifts..and they became my best friend hahah