Monday, December 20, 2010

the weekend.

Currently, there are snow flakes falling outside my window, Pandora's Mariah Carey Christmas station is blasting, and the pup is snuggled on my lap as I take a little break from the piles of STUFF & boxes that surround me.

This weekend was wonderful. Of course it went by way too fast, but it was SO so nice to see my family. It had been too long.
my twin sisters, & the little brother who's not so LITTLE anymore. and my whole fam reunited.
We spent the day eating, drinking, and being merry of course. We exchanged Christmas gifts since I'll be working the days around Christmas and we'll be moving, so we won't be able to travel to Pennsylvania. J & I were really spoiled. Along with some china from our registry and things for the new house, we received these two gift cards that I can't wait to use!
me & hubs around the tree

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Christmas is right around the corner and tomorrow is a big day for us. Hopefully all goes well with the closing and I'll be sharing photos of us sipping champagne in our new HOUSE!


Ashley said...

ooh anthro gift card! those are the best ever! Good luck with everything tomorrow!

Jillian said...

cute pics! glad you had a fun weekend!! gift cards are the best... we got one for cb2 and it didnt take long to find something we wanted there. :) xoxo jcd

{av} said...

yay!! looks like you had a fun family Christmas :) and tomorrow is guaranteed to be an INCREDIBLE day! especially when you can use that anthro gift card for something new for your new digs! so fun! much love, {av}

lindsay said...

what a beautiful family you have! doesn't the weekend always seem to go faster when you are with loved ones that you want to see forever?!?

so happy you had an amazing weekend with your family...there is nothing better than that. oh and anthropoligie gift cards are the best :) ♥

Faith said...

how exciting! have a great closing day!

looks like a great time spent with family! great gift cards! also that Christmas tree is gorgeous!

Andi, On Call RN said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Its always fun to have new followers and new people to follow. Good luck on the house and merry Christmas! You looked absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day btw... love your dress!

Jenni said...

FUN pictures!! You and your hubby are just the sweetest, most attractive looking couple!! :)