Thursday, January 20, 2011

7 things about growing up

The adorable Leah, over at The Rife Observatory, tagged me for this fun little post. How fitting since I shared one childhood memory yesterday! So here it is, seven things about growing up. And because I love pictures, here's one of me, an ode to my old pink huffy. This was my first day of kindergarten :)

  1. When I was four, only a few days after my twin sisters were brought home from the hospital, the neighbor kid threw a brick over the fence and it hit me in the back of the head. I got to ride in an ambulance with my dad and get stitches. My poor mother.
  2. We lived with my Mom-mom (grandma) until I was five, and when I was ten, she came to live in our house.
  3. I was obsessed with unicorns up until about age 11. Ha! I'm talking a collection of figurines, purple unicorn comforter, matching curtains, the whole shebang.
  4. Not only unicorns, I also collected stamps, rocks, stickers, you name it. I was a professional collector.
  5. I used to be a dancer, tap and ballet. You would never know this if you saw me on the dance floor these days. The lord did not bless me with much rhythm.
  6. Spelling was always my favorite subject in school.
  7. My BF Lindsey lived one house down the road, and we'd play together every day. She had super long bright red hair and her mom would always make us mac & cheese. Recently I reconnected with her via facebook {the joys of modern technology!} She looks exactly the same as she did back in the day...and mac & cheese still ranks as one of my favorites! 
Hope you enjoyed this. I'm going to tag these bloggers: Faith, {av}, Jillian, Christine, Ashley, Mrs. Ruby, and Natasha. Play along if you'd like and share some memories!

Tomorrow is Friday!!


    Leah Rife said...

    Haha, how fun! The unicorns sound so amazing! :)

    lindsay said...

    i loved reading your childhood facts...and look at how cute you are on your first day of kindergarten on that huffy!

    don't you just love technology? i recently connected with a long lost friend that lived across the road from me as feeling. ever!

    i used to think that i was a personal collector as well...dolphins was my thing as well as rocks :) haha

    have a agreat day lovely!

    Gabriella said...

    Fun memories!

    Fit With Flash said...

    ah the good ol' days! haha fun post! you're welcome for the tunes! : )

    Natasha said...

    love love love this post and thanks for the tag sweet lady!

    my fav part was about how you collected anything and everything-HA!

    Megan said...

    pretty sure I could live off of mac n cheese...have you tried Trader Joe's mac n cheese in the frozen food section? If not..go

    Lindsay said...

    cute post :)
    i had the unicorn from rainbow was my fav stuffed animal :)

    Megan said...

    p to the s..

    what is a huffy??

    Jenni said...

    How FUN!!! That picture of you is so freakin cute. And how horrifying that your neighbor threw a brick at your head (intentionally or otherwise)!

    I was also a professional collector. Stamps, rocks, stickers, teacups, KinderEgg toys while we lived in Germany... and spelling was my favorite subject too. I aced that ish every single time, yo. Just more stuff we have in common! ;P

    Kristen said...

    ha thanks guys! so fun to reminisce! they were the good ole days for sure :)
    @ megan: never tried trader joes mac & cheese, i'll get on that asap! and a huffy=brand of bike :)

    Jillian said...

    i love this post! i'll defiantly do one tomorrow :) thanks for the shout- out. ahhh love love the unicorn thing-- i liked my little ponies so almost the same thing right?! happy-almost-friday!
    xoxo jcd

    Mrs. Ruby said...

    Thanks for TAGGING me! What a fun post...I'm going to play along tomorrow!!! :)

    Travels in Heels said...

    Thanks for visiting today! I love to see new faces. I am your newest follower and will be back for sure!


    modern jane said...

    Fun series! Thanks for sharing:)

    {av} said...

    kindred spirits, my dear, we are kindred spirits! just put up my post :) I collected everything under the sun too...stickers especially! I have a hard time at Michael's even now haha. I was also a TERRIBLE dancer...and in watching videos, I ask my parents why they never told me. Spelling is my fave too...I did Spellbowl. DORK right here! Loved this tag--thanks for thinking of me :) xoxo

    Marian said...

    No lie, I think I had that same exact bike as a kid:)

    Megan said...

    This is SO cute! You were adorable!! I collected stamps, too.

    Sophie said...

    haha this was a great read! you look so cute in that photo!

    have a good weekend :) x

    Tucker said...

    What a fun series!!

    i love that your BFF lived right down from you.

    Love childhood memories (:

    Rissy said...

    so much to say!

    1) New follower!

    2) I tagged Ashley in this too which made me giggle.

    3) My grandmother watched my brother and I everyday when our parents were at work so it was practically like she lived there!

    Rachel at The Inspired said...

    You are soo darn cute!! :)