Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday's Random Thoughts

  •  As much as I love the snow, I can feel spring fever starting to creep in. I'm sure it will be out in full force after a few more weeks of this winter stuff. Can't wait to fill some of my mason jars with pretty flowers like this.
  • The floors in our bedroom are done and we were finally able to sleep in there last night with the mattress not on the floor. Now we're in the market for a bed. These are a few of our top choices. Hopefully we'll be making a decision tonight after we check out one more store. 
ashby sleigh bed
farmhouse bed
  • Did you know the Pottery Barn website has a little "design studio?" It lets you try out different pieces of furniture together and has ideas based on rooms. Love it.
  • Valentine's Day is a month from tomorrow. How is January half over already? Although J & I aren't big into Valentine's day, I love a reason to give a pretty card.
  •  Got the post Christmas blues? Sign up for the "DEFEAT THE XMAS BLUES SWAP!"  This will be my first swap and I'm really excited!  Check out the details here!


Megan said...

Guess who is about to go over to the pottery barn website to do that design thing? me.

thank you for providing me with my nightly (it is 9pm here) entertainment.

I REALLY like your blog.

Michaela said...

OH I love that Pottery Barn feature! And That card is adorable (: I'm obsessed with blue mason jars, too! Happy Thursday!

Jillian said...

oo i like the farmhouse bed! and i just signed up for the swap! im excited :) xoxo jcd

Sam {} said...

i had no idea pottery barn did that! how cool...headed there now :)

Jamie said...

I'm loving that second bed!

I'll have to check out that Pottery Barn feature...thanks for sharing!

A New England Girl said...

I love both bed choices, but think I would pick the second... they're both so gorgeous though! Good luck choosing -- it took me forever to decide. :)
I hope you're staying warm down in RI - I couldn't believe how much snow we got! And another storm headed this way for Tuesday? I'm with you on spring fever... bring on April. :)

Megan said...

I love tulips...swoon!! And that second bed is amazing!!

Tucker said...

i love that card!! and i've always been partial to sleigh beds. can't wait to hear what you pick (:

{av} said...

I'm down with that farmhouse bed too...and hello, mason jars are the best. You just made me wish the next three months away so we can get to tulip season. SIGH. Happy Thursday! xoxo {av}

Faith said...

i can't wait for Spring to get here to have fresh flowers in the house!

the first bed kinda looks like the one i have.

glad you have your floors done! that must be a relief.

and i can't believe Valentine's day is a month away ... hubby's birthday and our 4 year dating anniversary! :)

Baily Jones said...

Oooo! I love the Ashby! I am furniture shopping too - I lost everything in my bedroom in a fire :(
Love your blog! New follower!

Sophie said...

yayy i am so happy i found your blog. i LOVE it. i am a new follower :)
anddd i cannot believe its halfway through january already too. its insane.
funny you have spring fever - it is so humid and hot in here sydney i would love a little snow maybe for just a day haha.

Lindsay said...

i love the farmhouse collection from PB. it is the one hubby and i are saving up for :)

Alyssa said...

oooh i love that i love you card - its divine!!

thanks for signing up for the swap AND blogging about it - you are a superstar :) look forward to pairing you up with someone fun! xx

katie carlin said...

I just saw that you started following my blog!!! you have great photos and posts! i want to sign up for the swap! I am looking for guest bloggers so if you are ever interested send me an email : )
xo Katie