Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House Update: The Living Room

Thanks for your sweet comments on yesterday's post.
Our living room is more of a work in progress,
but we have made some strides in the last month.
 The little sliver of doorway there on the right is the front entryway, to give you some perspective.
On the left is my little writing desk. 
We found the piece at an antique auction and the hubs made it look like new!
It's perfect for writing bills and thank you notes :)
The gallery wall has been up for a while, 
but I'm always considering adding a little more here and there.
That black task lamp will be replaced with something more attractive, 
we're on the hunt!

A close up of the gallery wall, before I added the mirror.
On the left, our fall mantel-scape.
I'm getting excited to decorate for our first Christmas in the house!
And on the right, our couch and coffee table, across from the wing chairs.
I'm in search of some patterned pillow covers and a cozy throw.
Our bookshelves could use some help, but it's a start.
This weekend we finally lit our first fire in the fireplace
And the house didn't burn down.
I see many more of these cozy nights in our future.
I think Lilly approves!


Natalie said...

Again, it looks fantastic! And I love your fall mantle!

Mommyblogger said...

Looks great- love the gallery wall. That mantle will be so fun to decorate for Christams. Yay for a cozy fire in the fireplace :)

Joelle said...

Love it! And I love the new blog design too ;)