Monday, January 23, 2012

Life in Instagram, week 1

Hello friends!
Let me start by saying
thanks to all of you who still read my little blog.
I'm trying to get back into it more regularly
and I have a new found respect for all the mommy bloggers out there.
How do you find the time?
I currently have 8 pounds of sweetness with a full belly & a dry diaper
resting on my lap and I'm finding a few minutes to put something together.

This weekend, I finally got on board with the rest of the world and upgraded to an IPhone.
And? I'm already obsessed. 
I have to admit, the Instagram app was one main reason I wanted the IPhone so badly.
I love taking photos,
but having my DSLR strapped to my shoulder is no longer practical.
And now, more than ever, I need something convenient to capture the every day.

Here is a little glimpse into our laid back weekend.
  •  My snuggly little girl. Birdie hat + bunny lovie...melts my heart.
  • SNOW! The view from our living room. Our first really good snow of the year and it's almost February. Can't beat the still beauty of a fresh coat of the white stuff.
  • Seriously, the cheeks. They are getting chubbier and I just want to eat.her.up.
  • Saturday night take out dinner date complete with scratch off lotto tickets..and my first sushi roll in about 10 months! Delish.
  • Tummy time wore her out.
  • My Sunday morning view, a party on our bed.
  • Shopping with mommy & daddy. She is already a good little shopper :)
  • My new iphone obviously needed a pretty cover.
  • He loves his little girl.
  • Smiles mid nap. I could {and do} stare at her

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Faith said...

she is so adorable! that little smile is precious!

lovely pictures :)

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Oh my goodness Kristen, she looks SO much like your husband! It's AMAZING!

That snow makes me long for the northeast. It's, like, 80 degrees here. :(

Michaela said...

Oh goodness. She is sooo beautiful! What an adorable little girl :) We got the snow all up in here, here in Seattle!

Bon Bon said...

haha! I completely understand, fellow newbie-mama! blogging between naps and feedings and diaper changes and etcetcetc. Lots of one-handed typing going on these days. And lots of "nothing to do with blog" days. I wouldn't have it any other way:-) xoxo

Elizabeth said...

What a cute blog and a pretty little girl you have! I'm definitely gonna start following! Also, if the gray jacket your wearing is Splendid, I have it and it is my favorite!


Kate said...

She's such a little doll! Love these photos - and I want sushiiii.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Horray for the new iPhone–perfect for snapping shots of your beautiful little one!

Melanie said...

how lovely! She is so perfect! I have the old iphone, can't wait to upgrade soon. I am always snapping photos with my camera.

Natalie said...

love that iphone case! congrats on the sweet babe!

Jenna said...

Emma is so precious! Look at that tiny smile - I don't blame you one bit for staring at her all day long :)


the girl in the red shoes said...

Such adorable photos! I'm totally obsessed with instagram...I'll look for you right now!

Happiness Is... said...

I just got an iPhone too and so want Instagram. Need to get it now!

Emily said...

awwww, she is beautiful!! i love the little birdie hat :) and what a snow y'all got!! how fun!!
glad you are enjoying mommy-hood -- you are simply glowing! xoxo