Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life in Instagram, week 4

I'm playing catch up again.
These photos are from two weeks ago.

  • February Photo Challenge Day 6: Dinner. Random leftovers.
  • Bath time makes the babe so sleepy!
    • Pretty girl is 6 weeks old!
    • Day 7: Button
  • A smiley babe in the morning
  • Day 8: Sun. The view from our side patio

  • So exciting that some 3 month clothes are fitting the Little Miss. It's so much fun to get her dressed in the morning :)
  • Day 9: Front door. Welcome to our home!
  • This is my "mom office." A nice little set up in the living room complete with the laptop, camera, baby monitor, coffee, breakfast, and the baby of course.
  • E loving her play mat, and me loving the smiles!

  • Day 10: Self Portrait. Out shopping on a beautiful day.
  • A treat for mom.
  • I love birch box mail days!
  • At the salon for a very much overdue trim. It had been many months!

  • Saturday snoozes are the best. And those eyelashes? And lips? Make me melt.
  • Can't.get.enough

  • Day 11: Makes you happy. Weekends with the hubs and my babe are me at my happiest.
  • I can't help but take pictures.
  • Day 12: Inside your closet. One drawback of my older home is the small closets, but we make it work.
  • Flirting with daddy!


christine donee said...

um. could she be any cuter?

Pris said...

Love your Instagram updates! She is adorable!

Lottie said...

I love instagram updates especially when there are lots of photos of a beautiful baby with the cutest little cheeks ever!

Emily said...

i love all of these pictures!! looks like a fabulous week!! question - would you recommend the birchbox?? i've been looking into it, but can't decide....thanks!! xox