Monday, March 19, 2012


Well, it's been a while.
We've been busy!
Lately, life has been so full...
in the best ways possible.
Visitors, lunch with friends, sunshine, walks outside. 
We've really been soaking it all up.

This is a {little} phone photo dump
to catch you up
On some favorite happenings from the last month.

How was Valentine's Day was over a month ago?
Lil pup loving her baby sis.
Sweets and flowers from the hubs.
Cutest monkey butt I've ever seen.

Mommom came to visit!
Our little family before a mom & dad night out.
Auntie Katie came too! Snuggling at it's finest.
First time in the bumbo!
Tiny toes. Delicious.
Happy baby girl.
Winter trying to give it one last hoorah. And my watch dog, Mocha, in her spot...waiting for daddy.
How our family dinners look these days.
Me and my girl with matching stripes :)

Story time with dad.
My baby turned 2 months old. And she'll be 3 months next week. Crazy.
More puppy love.
Craving rice krispy treats. The goods.
And the end result. Delish.
Sometimes a good beer at the end of the day is necessary.
Baby legs!
Visiting daddy at work.
Gosh I love this little one.
Auntie Meg headband makin'.
Auntie Meg and {soon to be} Uncle Kyle came to visit.
More headbands for Emma's collection :)

Cuteness overload.
Trying out the statement finger trend.
Little one loves bath time!
Signs of spring...I think it's here to stay!
Morning snuggles are the best.
We've had abundant sunshine lately. Loving it.
Emma and her honorary aunties at breakfast!
So serious sometimes. Just taking it all in.
My best friends. Love these girls.

My little sidekick.
Wickford, RI...on a walk one beautiful day.
More smiles from my little love.
 * * *

Life has been good.
Really, really good.


Jessica said...

She's adorable, so glad life is treating you well!

Pris said...

Good to hear from you again! Looks life is beautiful!! Enjoy!

Faith said...

Great to hear from you!!! Emma is beautiful!!!

Liesl said...

Looks as though you are enjoying every moment beautifully! She is adorable and I love that life has been treating you all so deserve it! :)

July said...

I keep up with you and beautiful Emma on twitter/instagram, but I can't get enough!! she is seriously the most adorable little girl I have ever seen! I am constantly showing her pictures to my husband and he agrees! i'm hoping this will help kicks start his baby fever haha! so nice to hear from you :)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

she is just adorable!!! thanks so much for sharing all of these cute photos! i am SO happy life is good :) xo

Lottie said...

Could she get any cuter? And that monkey butt--so adorable. I am getting broody just looking at these photos.

Emily said...

what a joy to see all these happy pictures!! emma is absolutely adorable!!

Renee said...

I just found your blog through twitter actually. Random I know! ha. But I love finding other nurse bloggers. Makes my day! :)

Renee said...

I just found your blog through twitter actually. Random I know! ha. But I love finding other nurse bloggers. Makes my day! :)