Friday, May 11, 2012

On Becoming a Mother

I feel so incredibly blessed to be a mother
and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

This little girl lights up my days, every day.
And despite some frustrating times every now and then,
this is the most rewarding job I'll ever have. 

 Watching Emma grow and thrive
from a tiny squishy newborn
into a happy, healthy, and busy four month old
is more reward than I could ever ask for.

As I've grown older,
I have realized more and more
 just how lucky I am to have a mother
that loves me unconditionally and raised me 
to be the woman I am today.

 I think she did a pretty amazing job!

But now that I am a mother myself, 
there is a whole new realization.
I now know exactly what it was like.
To endure hours of labor...
and to look into your baby's eyes for the first time.
To struggle through those early days.
To endure many sleepless nights.
To beam with pride at every milestone.
And to thank God every day for this incredible gift.

So thank you, Mom
For teaching me everything I know.
There really isn't a love
quite like the one a mother has for her first daughter.

Happy Mother's Day!


Jessica said...

Love this!! <3

Elisabeth said...

what a touching post - and emma is just darling! just found your blog and its fabulous :)

your newest follower,