Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two Fun Things!

Today I got a Shellac manicure. Have you tried this? This stuff is awesome! It is so hard for me to maintain nice looking nails being a nurse, constantly washing and sanitizing my hands. Well, a few of the ladies at work have gotten the Shellac manicure and have had only good things to say, so I wanted to give it a try. So far I love it. I feel like it's extra shiny and my nails also feel stronger. Hopefully it will last the 14 days it's supposed to!
I've been looking for appetizer and dessert recipes for our Halloween party on Friday. I recently purchased this cookbook and I love it!
I'm excited to make some Halloween cake pops. Festive and yummy! The cake pops cookbook has recipes for every season/holiday/festive occasion. So fun.


A Wedding Story said...

Love that Bakerella cook book! How fun!

Jamie said...

Your nails look great! Is a Shellac manicure kind of like gel nails?

Kristen said...

@Jamie--It is long lasting like gel, but supposedly does no damage to your actual nail! It is a hybrid nail polish that works with a UV light. I will review it more in a couple weeks..

Faith said...

i've heard a lot about Shellac too! it looks good! i want to make cake pops!

Katie Bright said...

Your nails look great! And your rings are beautiful too!

emilia. said...

such a sweet blog. your nails look so gorge. :)

monica said...

love your nails!!! and the cake pops book is awesome!!!

can't wait to see your creations.


Anonymous said...

I recently made cake pops for my daughter's birthday party. Whatever you do...don't buy whipped icing. It makes the pops an off texture. And be sure to have styrofoam handy to stick the pops into for drying. :) They are such a fun treat!