Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend recap

We had a great weekend!  I felt like we were constantly on the go, but it was fun nonetheless. Just an upfront warning, I took a lot of pictures :)

Friday we started off the weekend right with a dinner date at a local Mexican place on Federal Hill. Margaritas were definitely the way to go after a long week! After dinner, we went for dessert at my favorite little place and shared some chocolate moose and tiramisu along with some delicious hot chocolate. If you're ever in the Providence area, you have to go to Pastiche. It's a little gem.

Saturday, J's residency put together a cookout. It was held on the Haffenreffer estate in Bristol and it was so beautiful there! J used to go on field trips there when he was a kid. It's a huge waterfront estate with lots of history.

  We had a great time with friends and did some exploring.

Sunday we continued our house hunt. One we saw was for a second visit...fingers crossed, we will be putting in our first offer! Sunday evening we went to the Roger Williams Park Zoo pumpkin spectacular. J and I had never been, but his sister said we would love it. We were not disappointed! One of the paths in the zoo is lined with jack-o-lantern. Tons of carved pumpkins! These photos are from my phone, so they are not the greatest...

Those are pumpkins hanging from the trees!

The theme for the pumpkins this year was "A Walk through Time." There were pumpkins carved with significant things and people throughout the decades. We saw pumpkins with everything you could imagine...from Christopher Coloumbus, to dinosaurs, to astronauts to the Simpsons. People are so creative!


Faith said...

wow, those are great pictures! i can't get over the fact that people are so creative with carving pumpkins! i wish i was!

Tucker said...

Beautiful fall pictures Kristin!