Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I feel like I'm overflowing with thankfulness lately, so I'm jumping on the Thankful Thursday train to share some of those things with you!

1. Dave Matthews band. The concert last night was one of the best I've ever been to, awesome. Music is good for the soul, and live music is just that much better!
DMB concert 11.10.10
DMB concert 11.10.10

2.Online shopping. Now I love shopping in general, that is probably obvious, but sometimes I don't want to leave the house. Today I'm doing some Christmas shopping online. Love that.

3. All of the veterans who have fought for our freedom. Thank you for being so brave.

4. Amazing co-workers. Don't know that I would make it through the night without them sometimes. Being an ICU nurse involves a lot of teamwork and boy did I luck out with my teammates!

5. My family. Best family a girl could ask for. I'm sad I won't be able to be with them for Thanksgiving, but so looking forward to December 18th.

6. This furry little one who very graciously has decided she will have a lazy day with me today. (though this is her every day...) She is a good snuggler!

7. Our inspection going well (!!!) and all of this house stuff going smoothly so far. I love the house more and more each time I go in there. Keeping my fingers crossed for December 21st. Pictures to come soon!

8. Design blogs. My mind is just swirling with decorating thoughts for the house and I've found so much inspiration!

9. My husband. I don't know how I got so lucky. Every day is an adventure and I'm so glad to have him by my side. We have so much fun together.

10. Having the day off today. It's been a busy week!


Faith said...

what a sweet post! i love it!

that picture of you and your husband is absolutely beautiful!

your dog is so cute and congrats on the house! that is very exciting!

Teenage Bride said...

Hello, just stumbled accross your blog! You and your husband are such an adorabel couple!

have a lovely weekend

Jamie said...

Love your list!

DMB is one of our favorite bands :) We usually see them every summer!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

Jenni said...

Just wanted to say that your and your hubby are one darn good looking couple!! Those babies are bound to be lookers!! ;)