Friday, November 12, 2010

currently loving: plaid.

Remember how I said I loved online shopping? Yes? Well, it is dangerous. Especially when you're on a strict no-spending-money-on-yourself need-to-buy-furniture-for-new-house-will-have-mortgage diet. Anyway, some cute things I came across...didn't buy though, honey.
A re-discovered love for plaid. It's so timeless and perfect for winter. I might seriously need to make an exception to my spending diet for that dress. Love it.

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Lindsay said...

cute!!! love plaid as well :)

CMae said...

you sound like you are on credit card restriction like me! my Mister Wonderful has pretty much taken my credit card from me till I get it paid off! (he hasn't really taken it from me but he constantly asks me bout my errands and what I did to "help" me not spend things I don't have) :)

Jenni said...

WORD!!! I am SO obessed with plaid right now!! :) :)