Thursday, November 18, 2010

thankful thursday

i cannot believe thanksgiving is one week away!
i feel like i say this a lot, but time is F L Y I N G.
here's what i'm thankful for today...
  • all of your sweet comments about the house, thank you!! we are so, so excited! your comments really do make me smile, they make my day! thanks for following along :)
  • sleep. need i say more?
  • my job, even though i complain about it when i work when the rest of the world is sleeping, and get the crappiest holiday schedule EVER, and have really, really busy nights with lots of sick patients and my legs hurt from being on my feet for 12 hours. i'm still thankful to HAVE said job.
  • starting to be more in the christmas spirit, even though i'm not sure we will go cut down a real tree this year because we'll be in the process of moving. i'm still decorating! the christmas decorations will be the last things left in this little apartment!

  • THIS guy.

  • my pretty momma and our phone dates on my way to work. she is one of the few people who read this. hi mom!

  • craftiness. is that a word? i'm excited to get started on my handmade christmas gifts! 
  • my health and the health of my family. we are so blessed and i'm frequently reminded of this, especially when i'm working.
  • becoming a better cook. i made an awesome chicken pot pie this week. i love trying new recipes and having them work out! J is thankful for this too!
  • blogs. what did i do before i read blogs? probably was much more productive, but i sure do enjoy this little blogging community. and coffee too, of course!

 remember to be thankful for the little things!


    Jamie said...

    Love you list!

    Yes...what did we do before blogs?!

    Anna Walker said...

    I love love love your list!
    I have no idea what I did before writing/reading/commenting on blogs! It's a mystery! :)

    Leah Rife said...

    This is such a beautiful post!

    Faith said...

    love this! :)

    i have phone dates with my mom on my way to work too!

    Morgan said...

    Great list! And I NEED heart lights on my Christmas tree!

    Joanna said...

    Your blog is DARLING! I'm glad I found it! :)

    JMay said...

    Love that print & love the pics :-)

    smile steady said...

    What a sweet post. Love it!