Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

I don't know about you, but the stocking always was and still is one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. Growing up, I would save the stocking for last because I always loved seeing what little gifts and trinkets were in there.
So this year, J and I decided we are are only doing some small gifts for one another and sticking to the limit of our stockings seemed like the best way to do it. We are on a strict spending limit, especially for each other, and really, we don't need anything! We have had an amazing year with getting married, a honeymoon, some weekend trips, seeing some concerts and shows and, in a few weeks, we're buying our first house! We really are blessed.

But since he keeps asking me for some stocking stuffer ideas, {even though he doesn't really need any help in this department...the man knows me, and what I like, and always fills an awesome stocking!!} here I am. Some fun little trinkets that can be tucked in a stocking!

1. button flap mittens via j.crew
2. kiel mead forget me knot ring
3. passport cover via j.crew

1. alayne white spa card for facial or massage
2. fresh cosmetics via sephora
3. pretty pot holders via anthropologie
1. underwear via aerie
2. Snow & Graham wall calendar via paper-source
3. ballet russes earrings via anthopologie
4. travel perfume via sephora

1. capri blue candle via anthopologie
2. pretty necklace via anthropologie
3. initial mug via anthropologie


Tay Talk said...

Stockings are my favorite too! LOVE THEM! We have some that you can stuff full. Down the road I'm sure it's all we will do.

Those ballet russes earrings via anthopologie
are precious!

{av} said...

I am absolutely IN LOVE with the forget me not rings! How clever--but yet so sweet :) great idea to keep the gifts contained to the stocking! We set a dollar limit last year, which proved to be quite tricky--but also forced my otherwise uncreative husband to step it up a notch! Can't wait to see what he fills your stocking with this year! xo

Leah Rife said...

Stockings only is such a great idea! No need for tons of shopping...just the little things. So great!

Anna Walker said...

The first picture is freaking gorgeous! I love forget-me-not rings! They're so so so so sweet! & a gift for a massage is always welcomed graciously!

grace said...

good ideas! is that your house!? it looks so cute.
love these online wish lists- makes shopping for the boys so much easier.

Tucker said...

I adore stocking stuffers! love anything small i think (: what a great thing to stick to... maybe we will do the same.

and congrats on the new house - what a blessing!!

emily said...

Those are some great ideas!!

-Sam I Am- said...

Thank you for stopping by!! :)

I cannot tell you how absolutely gorgeous you are in your wedding dress!! I'm loving all the pics and posts!

Super Burbs said...

bbeeeaaauutttifful round up lady! Mr. C and I have always only done stockings - it's actually more fun I think!

Brooke said...

I love the mittens, undies, and necklace!! ADORABLE!

Olivia said...

ahhh those last 3 antrho gifts are to die for!!! SO beautiful

Lauren said...

These are great stocking stuffer ideas!! I want to go buy them for myself.

July said...

I love the idea of stocking stuffers as small gifts! We are doing the same thing this year, because of the wedding planning, and everything ahead of us!

So excited for you and your new house :)

Emily said...

Stockings are the BEST -- I think that is me and my hubby are sticking to this year as well!! Love all your cute stocking stuffer ideas! (Esp the gloves, anthro earrings, and knot rings!)

Lindsay said...

Very cute stuff, hope you get lots of goodies in your stocking!

My husband and I have decided to do stockings only this year as well. Any big items we want we buy ourselves throughout the year anyway. I think it's a good way to save money!

Merry Christmas!