Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's Random Thoughts

  • My little sister is coming up for the weekend. She hasn't seen our house yet, or met the new pup, so I'm really excited. On the agenda: manis/pedis, shopping, and going to see Water for Elephants.
  • Speaking of pup, I can't believe how BIG she is getting. How did she go from a little ball of fluff, not able to climb the this big baby who is into everything? less than a month! They grow up too fast!
no, she's not supposed to be on the couch. but she looked so cute.
  • We are having Easter dinner at my in-laws. I'm thinking of bring these and these. And possibly these.
  • I cannot believe it is almost May. My birthday is three weeks from today. For anyone who's reading  and curious (husband, parents) ...I'll have a wish list next week :)
  • After tonight, I'm off work for six glorious days. It's been a long and busy couple weeks so I'm ready for a little break.
 Happy almost Friday!


Ashley said...

Look at those ears!!!! (not to mention her feet... she might be a big dog) lol

She is a adorable!!

Happy Easter!!!

Kat said...

Such an adorable pup! Have fun with your sister... And I hope the movie is good! I loved the book!

Ashley Paige said...

Happy Friday! Have a fabulous time with your sister! Those sound like PERFECT activities to pass the time! I cannot wait to see WFE!

I'm also in dire need of a mani/pedi.. Hopefully while we're home visiting my parents they'll want to spend extra time with C-baby! Good news? I won't even have to ask! Haha :)

And truly.. Mocha? Is such a big pup now! I just want to squeeze her! Have a great weekend! happy {early} Easter!

Liz @ MaisonTwenty3 said...

Your pups are adorable! And mini egg cookies...amazing

Rissy said...

those cookies look like they have m&ms in them... which makes me REALLY want one!

Your puppy is still so ridiculously cute, even if he is bigger.

I decided i would love water for elephants because they use that florence and the machine song in the previews.. probably not the most legit reason for wanting to see a movie : /


Faith said...

your pup is adorable! i can't believe how big she has gotten!

6 days off?! ahhh, i wish! hope you have an amazing relaxing week!

Amy Young said...
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Amy Young said...

Hope you have fun on your time off!!

The pups grow up SOO fast dont they? It crazy.

BTW, you are in trouble... we have a couch the same color as yours and I have to CLEAN that darn thing ALL the time b/c Mac likes to sneak on the couch and drool.

Yuk, huh? lol

p.s. semi- new follower. Love ur place

Jenna said...

It's amazing how fast little puppies become not-so-little puppies anymore... but she is still as adorable as ever :)

Those cookies look delish... they def gain my stamp of approval for Easter at the in-laws!

Enjoy the weekend with your sister!


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

those cookies look tasty! have a fantastic time with your sister and enjoy your break!! xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

la petite coquine said...

Enjoy the very long weekend and the visit from your sister-sounds like you guys have a wonderful time ahead!

ben+alex said...

those cookies look DELICIOUS.
i want to make them:)

great thoughts...
loving the blog.
new follower!!


Miss Lindsay said...

Time fliessssss.....
1 - can't believe it's almost may
2 - pup is getting big!!! sooo cute!

Holly said...

What an adorable not-so-little dog! She definitely is very cute! :)

Vanessa Kennedy said...

those easter recipes look lovely- esp. the chocolate dipped pb eggs!

Emily said...

how precious is that pup!? can't wait to see your wish bday is in 2 weeks from today! :) happy friday! xoxo

Justina F. Lee said...

Beautiful photos I really enjoyed them.
I really want to watch water for elephants as well. The trailer had me falling in love.

P.s.Your puppy is adorable!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Have a great Easter weekend! I can't get over how cute your little pup is!

Emily said...

Those cookies look amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe link. I am definitely going to whip up a batch.

Maggy said...

now I'm just openly blog stalking...your pup is gorgeous, we have a yellow lab mix AND a white couch as well (God bless you) I wouldn't trader either one!