Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a wish list.

Guess who has a birthday coming up?
Yep, in a couple weeks, I will be another year older.
Only 2 years away from 30.
It seems crazy...I still feel like a kid.
But things keep happening all around me
that are sorta making me feel like an adult.
Buying this house for example :)

Here are some things on my wish list..
if you're curious!

Kelly Moore Bag. I've wanted one of these for a while!

Decorate Book.
I have a minor addiction to home design books.
Some new everyday stud earrings. gold or silver.
I have these from Kendra Scott in navy and love them.
I have this same watch in silver and LOVE it!
This one would be perfect to wear with gold accessories.

A pineapple welcome sign for the front of the house.
Don't laugh. This is what happens when you get old :)


Ashley Paige said...

i love your birthday list! ... and we're the same age this year! err, happy birthday to us :)

i always find myself asking for some sort of home decor for the house.. for birthdays, christmases, etc. it's true. it's definitely a sign of.. "gettting older."

and that KM bag.. swoon. major, major swoon!

marissa from the boot said...

haha then that must mean i'm aging prematurely because i love that pineapple!
i need that design book too!

Virginia Belle said...

I love your wish list picks! I love the sign, the pineapple is so classic! I also love the earring, they are gorgeous!

Kari Beth said...

i have a birthday coming up on tuesday. i will be TWENTY EIGHT! eeek! i plan on doing a wish list for my fashion friday post! but really all i want is gift cards. ha!

love the bag! and the mk watch. i've wanted that watch for FOREVER!

Amy Young said...

Happy early BDAY!! Your not old just b/c you want a pineapple "Welcome" sign!

Just a girl that likes some cute outdoor decor!

p.s. love the watch! :)

grace said...

i love that michael kors watch!

i have gold and i have girlfriends who have the tortoise shell and rose gold as well- i love them all, they are seriously the perfect everyday accessory.

BelleinBows said...

I have that MK watch, it's so light, perfect for everyday wear.

I love your list, especially that Kelly Moore bag!

Jana said...

I just looked up the Kendra Scott webpage and I loveeee all her stuff. Like the salmon earrings are beautiful! I'd def keep her earrings on your list :-)

Michaela said...

I think I'm with you on the "minor" (definitely major..) addiction to design magazines and books! (: Yay for your birthday almost being here! How exciting.

A Day in the Life... said...

I love design books as well!! Great list!! :)

Jessica said...

my hubs got me that watch for my bday last year and I wear it almost everyday & get compliments ALL the time. i love that pineapple sign too!

tickled. said...

LOVE your wishlist! That book looks amazing! And those earrings are too cute! :)
xo! Lauren @ tickled.

Whitney said...

looks like a solid list :)

Happiness Is... said...

I will be 30 this year so I feel you on the getting old!

la petite coquine said...

I love your picks, and giggled about your pineapple welcome sign-I'm dreaming about Waring blenders these days!

modern jane said...

Great picks! My poor credit card.. I'm constantly ordering new design books..:)

Kelly said...

Kelly Moore and/or Epiphanie bags and the Micheal Kors watch are both on my birthday list!! Great picks, love them all :-)

Stephanie and Such said...

Okay, I want that Michael Kors TOO!!
I am waiting for the NOrdys anniversary sale in July though!


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

hooooray for birthdays (and wishlists!!) xoxo jillian

emily said...

I just ordered that book! Hoping it will be on my doorstep tomorrow when I get home from work! And I love love love that watch! Great picks!

Anna of IHOD said...

LOVE your blog! This seems like a fun wishlist to me! That watch is amazing!!

d.a.r. said...

I love your list!!

Kelly said...

I love that Kelley Moore bag - I hope it makes a surprise way into your birthday day!