Thursday, December 1, 2011

35 weeks

Well hello December.
I can't believe you are here already, but it is nice to have you!
Last night we got our Christmas tree up and decorated 
I've had Christmas music playing on Pandora all week
The house smells of pine and is so, so cozy.
I'm loving it. Pictures to come, next week.

I missed a couple weekly baby updates, 
so there is quite a big difference in the bump from my last 32 week post.
Life has been so busy and we're getting more and more ready for this little girl every day.
She is getting bigger, that's for sure. 
This week she is about the size of a honeydew melon, about 5 1/4 pounds!
I can totally picture that inside my big ole round belly.

Her movement is pretty constant and the kicks are getting stronger.
It's so weird and awesome at the same time to the watch the waves 
on my belly as she moves and kicks.
There's a foot that likes to kick up in my ribs on the right
and she's been getting the hiccups pretty regularly, which is so sweet.
At our appointment this week, everything looked good.
Baby girl is measuring right on track.
We're on to the weekly appointments now which is crazy.
I remember thinking in the beginning how far away all of this seemed, 
and now here we are.

Sleep and moving in general are getting more difficult every day.
I've been having right hip pain over the last week which we're pretty sure is my SI joint
I've tried the chiropractor, massage, stretching, yoga, physical therapy...
None of which has really helped all that much.
It's giving me a slight waddle when I walk which I'm sure is pretty sexy 
but as uncomfortable as I may be sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Nesting is in full force around here
and I think the husband has caught the bug as well.
He is banging out projects left and right!
 Specifically my new wrapping station, just in time for Christmas.
Hopefully this weekend the armoire will be all refinished
as it's one of the last things missing from the nursery.


Liesl said...

You look adorable and 35 weeks looks lovely on you! So glad all is on track and your little girl is baking perfectly...hehe...enjoy this nesting time before your little bundle of joy arrives! You will be a beautiful and wonderful mother!

Liesl :)

Melanie said...

awww, you look adorable! congrats! I hope I look that good at 35 weeks :)

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

You look so beautiful Kristen. I cannot wait to see your little baby girl! This is what I love so much about blogging... you really get to peek inside others' lives and follow their journey. :)

modern jane said...

You look fantastic! :)

A Jax said...

I just love reading your pregnancy adventure! Best of luck these last few weeks:-)

Classy Fab Sarah said...

You are such a stinking cute preggo! I can't believe she's nearly here!

Emily said...

you're so close!! and you look amazing!! :)