Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer weekend love.

This past weekend was pretty much perfection.
The weather, the company, everything.

Friday we went to the grand opening of Pinkberry.
It's about time Rhode Island jumped on the froyo train!
We waited in line for about an hour some free stuff.
Totally worth it. I can't wait to go back.
Then we shopped.
I bought my first maternity shirt, for fall, on clearance...eeep!

Saturday AM we headed to the farmer's market
on the east side of Providence
Scooped up some fresh veggies, eggs, and homemade dill pickles.
A pregnant woman's dream come true.
They were gone in the same day :)

Someone should really buy me a nice camera bag so I can tote my cannon around
and photograph all the goodness that was had.
*Hint, hint*

Anyway, Saturday afternoon we had a family BBQ.
And then decided to take the pups to the beach.
Did I mention Mocha is part lab/part fish?
We bought her a kiddie pool last week...it's her new favorite thing.
The pool and ice cubes.
It was pretty much the cutest thing ever,
watching her try to swim in the two feet of water, splashing & playing.

Lilly, aka Miss Priss, would rather lounge on the chair {not the grass}
She is not interested in the pool whatsoever.

We knew we had to take them to the beach
and give Miss Mocha a taste of some real swimming.
She loved it, of course.

Sunday the hubs and I had a beach day.
Bright sun and an ocean breeze=a good tan :)
We ended the weekend grilling with my in laws & ice cream.
Perfect I tell ya.


marissa at the boot said...

that whole weekend sounds absolutely delightful! they opened a couple pinkberrys in boston too and they are always jam packed! lilly is so cute! is she a boxer mix? she has the sweetest floppy ears!

p.s. i'm hosting an awesome jewelry giveaway if you're interested! :)

Fit With Flash said...

i'm catching up on your blog and CONGRATS! sooo happy for you that you're expecting! sounds like you had a great weekend. wishing i could get my dog into the pool. it's SO hot here. he needs it. : )

The Michelle Show said...

I'm so jealous of your pinkberry :( They dont have ANY here in Canada! Bullshit!

I swear every blogger went to the beach this weekend. Must be summer!

la petite coquine said...

Oh my goodness, the pups are killing me with cuteness! Glad it was such a perfect weekend!

Christine said...

I have a chocolate lab too and he's still developing his love of water. They're such cute dogs (even if they are a little crazy).

Virginia Belle said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! Your dogs are the cutest and I'm sure they were in Heaven in the pool.

Alisha said...

Perfect indeed! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! :)

Mocha is precious, but my Astro is ALOT like Lily. He's rather be laying on the hot porch than in the cool grass in the shade. Guess he doesn't like to get dirty Lol.

Andrea Gillespie said...

I love our froyo shops. We have a ton in a city of just 50,000.

Erica said...

They're such cute dogs! I'm so jealous of your pinkberry.

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Sarah@totalbassetcase said...

Love the pup pics! My basset, Floyd, has a new kiddie pool he loves too. He is also head over heels for ice cubes...he waits by the fridge for them.
We are taking him to a lake this weekend and I can't wait to see how he reacts!