Sunday, November 27, 2011


I love this time of year because it really makes me 
look back and count each of my blessings.

There is just so much to be thankful for. Here's my short list.
  •  My husband. He is my best friend and my rock...and we make a pretty awesome team.
  • Our cozy home. It's not only a roof over our heads, but it's our safe haven and I feel so lucky and proud every time I pull up in the driveway.
  • Our families. We spent Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with my family this year and it was so good to be home again. We are both blessed with supportive and loving families.
  • Our pups...nothing can beat puppy love.
  • Good health for ourselves and our loved ones.
  • This little girl growing inside of me. What an amazing blessing this pregnancy has been.
    We are getting so, so excited to meet her.
  • Friends, near and far.
  • Living near the ocean. I never realized how much I would love this.
  • Christmas being right around the corner. I can't wait to get our tree next weekend and decorate the house!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with yummy food and lots of love.


    Emily said...

    what a wonderful list. so much to be thankful for! xoxo

    Jenna said...

    I love your list! What a cute pic of you two :)


    la petite coquine said...

    Such an impossibly sweet list! Hope it was a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Anonymous said...

    Wonderful list!!!
    I so want to live near the ocean one day :)